2024 Club Officers
President: Campbell Reed,KD9GEK
Vice-President: Drew Bennett, K9HMX
Secretary: Tony Miller, KD9ANS
Treasurer: Zach Needler, KD9HHS
Trustee: Jim McDonald, KB9LEI

How to Contact Us

Email • wb9hxg@gmail.com
Phone • (765) 273-3101
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Muncie Area Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 1441
Muncie, IN 47308

Our Repeaters
2 Meters • 146.730(-) MHz PL 127.3
1.25 Meters • 223.920(-) MHz
70 Centimeters • 444.375(+) MHz

Please take a moment to review our Repeater Operating Procedures before using the system.

Purposes and Objectives
  1. To bring together, for their mutual benefit, persons interested in the various areas of amateur radio; and, to this end, any interested person is cordially invited to attend one or more of our regularly scheduled meetings.
  2. To provide an environment, with facilities, in which members may increase their knowledge and proficiency in the field of amateur radio.
  3. To provide a ready and reliable source of emergency communications.
  4. To provide such other public communication services as may be appropriate.