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KA9CXY estate sale

 Mini-HAMFEST / ESTATE SALE !!!!!!!!!


July 16, 2022  MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!!!!! 





As many of you know, Mike Brandt (KA9CXY) is a Silent Key.  Mike was an avid Amateur radio operator as well as volunteer for many community based organizations.  Mike volunteered many years working with local 4-H, Sherrif’s summer day camp for local kids, Hunter education, and several emergency services to name a few.  Mike worked many years in the Delco Remy/Delphi engineering department in Anderson.


Mike had accumulate a lot of Amateur Radio related equipment/antennas/testers/ETC  and just stuff. 


Terry Evans (WD9HQH) and Gerald Hertle (WA9AGG) are assisting Mike’s widow in selling some of Mike’s amateur radio equipment and related items.  Listed below are some of the items for sale. There is a LOT MORE but just to much to list.   We will be having Mini-HAMFEST / ESTATE SALE on Saturday July 16 at Mikes home (1549 W County Road 50 N, New Castle, IN 47362)   starting at 9 a.m.  to sell items.  We will also sell items on an individual basis prior to July 16. If interested in an item please contact Gerald (765-744-7696) or Terry (765-212-0464)  to discuss or just send an email to  A few items have already sold so don’t wait.  Bargins never wait on anyone.  J


You won’t want to miss this opportunity to get some Amateur Radio items at very good prices.  We have listed some negotiable target prices BUT NO REASONABLE OFFER WILL BE DECLINED. We tried to list the targets well below what is selling on eBay.  Prices will be very aggressive to sell but need to be fair as the proceeds go to Mike’s widow.    


Don’t be afraid to make offers but again “reasonable”.   The purpose of the mini-hamfest is to sell all the items.  Mike’s widow has no use for this equipment. 


Please understand that we have NOT been able to test all of the items so this is an AS IS sale.  Some we have tested and so far all have been good.  We even tested a very old Radio Shack weather radio and IT WORKED.  Some of the items are not in good condition and it is obvious. 





We have tried to describe the items best we can


ROHN TBX64 ft  self supporting tower  Very nice tower   $1500  MAKE AN OFFER

($3800 new) (must be taken down) (GIN pole loaner available)


ICOM 706MKIIG  with extra SSB and CW filter.  Also DSP module.  Includes separation cable. I personally tested this radio on HF.  Full power on all HF bands. I made several CW and SSB QSOs.   User manual included.  $700  MAKE AN OFFER (radio with all the extras sells round $1100 on eBay)


Heil desk mic for ICOM $50 BARGIN!


Heil headset for ICOM  $50 BARGIN!


ICOM 80AD 2m/440 DSTAR handheld $90  ($150 universal radio)


ICOM R1 Receiver handheld $50


572 tubes (2)  Quality unknown $50  ($95 ebay each) 


Various antenns : HF wire antenna – 6 Mtr Beam – Comet CX33  2/220/440 – Comet KP20 900 mhz – DMS900 Mhz beam – 2.4 Ghz – DUCKIES - Discone –several more.  Most of them are new


190 ft ½” Heliax HARD LINE with connectors  $75 This is a REAL bargain if you need Heliax


2 Meter duplexer cans  $???


440 duplexer cans   $???


Kenwood TKR-720(N) 820(N) VHF/UHF Desktop Repeater $????


COAX  lots and lots of new and used various coax lengths and jumpers (you can’t imagine how much/many there are)


SWR/PWR 10/100 W Meter  unknown brand  $25


Power supply(s)  various size from small wall wort to large heavy duty supplies we used for Field Day


Jumpers and Cables:  Oscilloscope probes and jumpers / all kinds of jumpers with various connectors / computer cables / 2 huge tubs full – there are hundreds


4 Flat Screen TVs  -    one 45” Recently bought $75     three 32”  $50ea  One is ROKU ready  Mike used the 32s in his shack


Heathkit Grid Dip meter with all the modules  untested  $25


MFJ270  Packet $10


PacCom HandiPacket $40 ($150 on eBay)


Fluke 52 K/J Thermometer $50 ($150 eBay)


DataTran DT-4 data tracker  $10($25 eBay)


Tenna 72-040 Capacitance  Meter  $25($50 ebay)


Herman Sticht Serfies 800 MEGOmer $25 ($50 ebay)


Calibrators DVC-350A $25 ($75 ebay)


Datel Intersil DVC8500 Voltage Calibrator $????  (new $1500  ebay $750)


Modular Circuits MEP-4A EPROM Programmer  $???($75 ebay)


Spectrum Analyzer


Motorola Analyzer


Laptops  (Several  - Password protected)  Anyone know how to get around the password.


Computer memory modules – lots of them


1T USB Desktop HDD  $10


Uniden CB $5


Radio Shack Handheld CB Collector item. Untested  $25


Straight key – nice one  $50


Cases – several sturdy with handles


Tube tester


Garmin GPSmap 76CSx  Color display  ($150 ebay)


Rack mounted audio/video equipment – very nice rack with wheels and equip is high end




Body Harness for tower work


AND LOTS LOTS LOTS MORE.  (you can’t imagine)






Gerald Hertle WA9AGG  765-744-7696 if no answer leave a message.

Terry Evans WD9HQH    765-212-0464 if no answer leave a message

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