Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Presentation: "Logging your Contacts"

Monday, November 27th, 2017 Drew Bennett, K9HMX presented "Logging Your Contacts".  Attached is a link (Google Slides) to the presentation.

Logging Your Contacts

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Officer Candidates for 2018

For President, Drew Bennett KD9HMX.
For V.P., Zach Needler KD9HHS.
For Secretary, Linda Rai KD9COJ.
For Treasurer, Rick Rodman KC4BCK.
Voting will be at the October 23 meeting.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Fall 2017 Technician Class License Course

Are you ready to get your Amateur Radio License ?

NOW is the time !

MAARC is offering a course this Fall to prepare
you for the FCC Technician Class Exam

The Muncie Area Amateur Radio Club is proud to continue our series of free licensing courses this Fall.    If you are ready to meet the world on the air, we are ready to help you get there !

Don't wait any longer, don't put it off for later-- sign up for the upcoming Fall course and become a licensed Ham Radio operator.

When:  Weekly on Sunday afternoons, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm beginning October 8, 2017 and ending November 12, 2017.  Six class sessions total.

Where:  Community Room at the Maring-Hunt Branch of the Muncie Public Library (2005 S. High Street)

Cost:  The course is free, but you will need a copy of the textbook which costs $30.00.

Cover of ARRL Tech Class Manual, 3rd Ed
ARRL Ham Radio License Manual, 3rd Edition

If you have or obtain a copy on your own, that is fine.  If you need a book, contact us to reserve a seat in class and we will have a new copy waiting for you.

There is also an FCC admin/filing fee of $15.00 required to take the exam on November 12th.  You will pay the volunteer examiner team directly when you take the exam.

So... Free Class + $30 Book + $15 FCC Fee = $45.00.

How to Join:  Contact the club anytime !

Email us at wb9hxg@gmail.com or give us a call at (765) 273-3101

Questions ?  Get in touch !  We are happy to help and look forward to a strong turnout.

Don't wait any longer - Let's get you on the air.
Now is the time - Get your Tech Class Ticket with MAARC !

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The NEMP threat

NEMP hype is all over the internet again. "Everything electronic will stop working!",
the headlines scream, and describe a future in which all will starve who don't buy their
expensive canned food. We, as hams, have been thru this before, and should know better.

NEMP has been studied since the late 1950s. The NEMP (Nuclear electromagnetic pulse) is
basically a huge induced electrical surge.
Electronic devices connected to large wire arrays, such as the
electrical grid, large LANs or large antennas, will get surges through their data connections,
which in many cases could damage the devices. Many cars and trucks
may be disabled. Military gear is "tempest-hardened" and should be expected to survive.
The main problem will be the electrical grid, which could suffer substantial
damage and be down for long periods of time. The landline telecom network will likely
suffer damage as well, but should come back up more quickly.

It isn't necessary for us, as hams, to have vaccuum-tube gear stashed away in Faraday cages
to reestablish communication in the aftermath of an EMP surge. Some of our equipment will
suffer damage, true, but most of it should come through the surge unscathed.
Using what is available, ham radio should be able to provide emergency services, and may have
to do so for a fairly long time, since the power grid will take a while to be restored to
service. So, preparation for NEMP should be similar to preparation for long-term power
outages: generators, solar panels, batteries, inverters and similar power backup systems.

Interestingly, nuclear war isn't the only possible cause of a large-area induced electrical
surge. In 1859, a large solar flare caused what we now call the
Carrington event. This could happen again; in fact, some scientists expect it to happen.
Unlike nuclear war, we might have as much as several hours advance warning of the surge hitting,
since it involves a wave of sublight particles.
During that advance warning period, we could disconnect any large antennas or networks,
and possibly unplug equipment fron AC power.

Our most important preparation is maintaining our routine of nets, so that we
are ready to carry message traffic, whether for emergency services or just concerned
relatives. As hams, we should not be caught unprepared when any disaster strikes,
whether local or nationwide.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Slow Windows Update

Windows Update on my laptop has taken about 5 hours so far, and been through 3 restarts. It keeps getting errors. It is only updating the OS.

On Linux, I can update the OS and all the apps with a single command. It does not need any restarts, gets no errors, and takes only a few minutes.

What is the advantage of using Windows?

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

For Sale: FT-757GX and FT-2500M

Looking for a new rig ?  How about a spare ?

Ray Wise, WL7UU, wrote in to tell us about some equipment he has for sale in the Muncie area.

Up for grabs is a Yaesu FT-757GX HF station with tuner and PS, and a Yaesu FT-2500M 2m mobile rig with the tone encoder board.

When items sell, they will be removed from this post.  If you see it here, it's available.

If you have questions about this gear or would like to make an offer, contact Ray Wise directly at rayalaska@yahoo.com (email link) or (765) 808-8461.

First up is a complete Yaesu FT-757GX HF Station, asking $500.00
This package includes the FT-757GX transceiver along with a matching FC-757AT Auto Tuner, FP-757HD Power Supply with built-in speaker, and an MH-1B8 hand mic.  The hand mic is showing problems, everything else works as it should.  Original manuals are included.  Ray would prefer to sell the station as a complete package.

(Click on the images to enlarge)


FT-757GX Transceiver

Next up is a Yaesu FT-2500M 2 Meter Mobile Rig, asking $200.00
This package includes the FT-2500M and original MH-27A8J backlit DTMF hand mic.  Original manual is included.  The 2500M is a rugged 50 Watt, MILSPEC 810-C mobile with 31 memories, a big heat sink and CTCSS (PL Tone) encoder board.  According to the specs, this rig draws 12 amps @ 13.8 VDC.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Field Day 2016

Thanks to all who Participated !

On behalf of the Muncie Area Amateur Radio Club, I would like to thank everyone who came out to the MTCC for Field Day 2016.

Whether you stopped by for a few minutes, grabbed a meal and made a few contacts, pounded brass in the CW shack or spent the whole night with us, we are happy to have had you on board.

Special thanks to our friends at DARA, EmComm ECI and the Monroe Township Conservation Club for your support and the nice facility, and of course to all those who helped with setup and breakdown.

…see you next year at Field Day !

Robert, KB7ZGB

Guest Speaker at the June 2016 Meeting

Interested in learning about the new VHF/UHF digital voice modes ?

Join us for the MAARC Monthly Meeting in June !

Tony Tolbert, W9AMT will be visiting as a guest speaker this month to give a presentation on digital voice modes.  DMR, D-Star, System Fusion and P25 will be covered, as well as how these modes are being implemented across Indiana.

Stop in and catch the show: Monday, June 27th at 6:30pm.  Maring-Hunt Library.  Be there !

Saturday, March 19, 2016

General Class Q&A Net

Join us on Monday nights in March and April for the General Class Net !

MAARC is launching a new temporary net to support the students currently enrolled in our General Class license course.  However, everyone is welcome and invited to check in and participate-- especially Technician Class Amateurs who are looking forward to their General ticket in the future.

After check-ins, we will answer questions brought before the net on any topic related to the material covered in the ARRL General Class Manual.  The net will also feature questions pulled from the FCC Exam question pool: explained in detail and answered, we will shine a spotlight on actual questions from the test.

So... join us for the net and we'll see you on the air !

General Class Q&A Net
Mondays at 8pm
146.730 MHz (-)  PL 127.3
March and April, 2016

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Spring 2016 General Class


Ready to jump into HF ?

NOW is the time !

MAARC is offering a class to prepare you
for the FCC General Class Exam

It has been a long time since a class has been offered in the area for Technicians wanting to upgrade to General, and we are excited to get that started again.  If you are ready to meet the world on the air, we are ready to help you get there !  Don't wait any longer, don't put it off for later-- sign up for the upcoming Spring class and pick up your General ticket.

When:  Weekly on Wednesday evenings, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm beginning March 9, 2016 and ending April 27th, 2016 (8 sessions total)

Where:  Community Room at the Maring-Hunt Branch of the Muncie Public Library (2005 S. High Street)

Cost:  The class is free, but you will need the ARRL General Class License Manual, 8th Ed.  If you have or obtain the book on your own, that's perfectly fine.  Amazon has them (including Kindle format) and so might some of your friends.  As long as it's the General Class 8th Edition, you're good to go.

If you need a book, contact us no later than Wednesday March 2, 2016 and we will have one waiting for you at the first class meeting.  Books cost $30.00, pay when you pick it up.

Also, there is an FCC admin/filing fee of $15.00 required to take the exam on April 27th.  You will pay the volunteer examiner team directly when you take the exam.

So... Free Class + $30 Book + $15 FCC Fee = $45.00.

How to Join:  Contact one of the instructors or the club.

Gary Lee, KB9ZUV - Instructor.  kb9zuv@arrl.net
Jim McDonald, KB9LEI - Instructor.  kb9lei@arrl.net

MAARC: wb9hxg@gmail.com or give us a call at (765) 273-3101

Questions ?  Get in touch with the instructors or the club and ask away.  We are happy to help and look forward to a strong turnout.

CQ CQ CQ All Technician Class Hams...
Now is the time - Get your General Class Ticket !

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

General Class!

The General Class is starting in a couple of weeks. If you want to upgrade your license, the time to act is now! It will be Wednesday evenings 3/9-4/27/2016, 6:30pm, at Maring-Hunt library. Your only cost is the  book at $30, plus licensing fees if you pass.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

General Class in the Spring?

The club is considering having a General class in the spring. If interested, email thru the website or post a comment here.