Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Slow Windows Update

Windows Update on my laptop has taken about 5 hours so far, and been through 3 restarts. It keeps getting errors. It is only updating the OS.

On Linux, I can update the OS and all the apps with a single command. It does not need any restarts, gets no errors, and takes only a few minutes.

What is the advantage of using Windows?

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KB7ZGB said...

Ubiquity + pool of available software ? No argument that Linux is easier to maintain.

Windows update has caused an awful lot of headaches for me, particularly if the machine is low-spec (tablets, older machines, etc.). Another gripe is Windows' love of jamming up with 100% disk activity for ages at a time... often caused by Windows Update in the background.

When my Windows box goes into update coma, my little Raspberry Pi 3 never fails to deliver basic utility computing (typing, email, web) during the wait. Hmm...

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