Wednesday, September 26, 2018

MAARC decides on new club HF transceiver

At the meeting this last Monday, the club decided to purchase an Icom 7200 HF/6M radio transceiver. This transceiver has many advanced features, yet is fairly inexpensive (as ham radio equipment goes these days) and is allegedly easy to operate (ha! that remains to be seen).

The manual for this radio is available here:

Robert gave a wonderful presentation on SSTV. Back in the 1970s, dealing with SSTV was prohibitively expensive and hugely complicated. Around 1973 I bought a P-7 phosphor cathode ray tube and mounted it in a chassis - never did get the project working however.  Now, thanks to computer advances, you can send and receive pictures in any SSTV mode and it won't cost you a dime. Robert was both sending and receiving without even using a cable - and they looked great.

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