Sunday, August 23, 2020

August On Air Meeting

 The library is still closed until further notice.  August's meeting will again be on-air on the WB9HXG repeater 146.730(-) PL 127.3 on August 24th at 6:30pm.  This is the agenda for the meeting.

Here is the text transcript of the above image:

Meeting Opens

Presentation of June Meeting Minutes • Drew

Treasurer’s Report • Zach

Trustee’s Report • Jim

Trustee’s Report • Drew

Committee Reports

Technical Committee • Gary & Jim

Old Business

June meeting at Marrow’s Meadows (no quorum)

August Foxhunt (Robert 60min, Rob 63min, Mike 95min)

ARRL Field Day June 27-28

ECI Hamfest

Zac-updating Club’s roster

New Business

2021 Officer Nominations

White River Cleanup

Open call for new business

Club Announcements

Every Sunday Night net on the WB9HXG repeater 9 pm 

Every Thursday 9pm Delaware County Skywarn Net

09/19/20 10am EmComm ECI Meeting @ YFD if no White River Cleanup

09/28/20 6:30pm MAARC On-Air Meeting

08/29/20 Kentucky State Parks on the Air

08/29/20-08/30/20 Kentucky QSO Party

09/05/20-09/06/20 Colorado QSO Party

09/06/20-09/07/20 Tennessee QSO Party

09/12/20 Ohio State Parks on the Air

09/12/20-09/13/20 Texas QSO Party

09/12/20-09/13/20 Alabama QSO Party

09/19/20-09/20/20 Iowa QSO Party

09/19/20-09/20/20 Wisconsin Parks on the Air

09/19/20-09/20/20 New Jersey QSO Party

09/19/20-09/20/20 New Hampshire QSO Party

09/26/20-09/27-20 Maine QSO Party

Call for items to be considered for the next meeting’s agenda

Meeting Closes

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