Sunday, September 27, 2020

September On-Air Meeting Agenda

Text transcript:

Meeting Opens

Presentation of June Meeting Minutes • Tony
Treasurer’s Report • Zach
Trustee’s Report • Jim
President’s Report • Drew
Committee Reports
Technical Committee • Gary & Jim
Old Business
2021 Officer Nominations
September Foxhunt (Rob 57min, Drew 59min)
New Business
2020 Christmas Party
Amateur Contact Log by N3JFP has been updated to version 6.7
The Fall ECI-QRP meeting that was scheduled for Saturday 10-10-2020 has been cancelled.
Voicemail looking for a possible past member.
Open call for new business

Club Announcements
Every Sunday Night net on the WB9HXG repeater 9 pm 
Every Thursday 9pm Delaware County Skywarn Net
10/03/20-10/04/20 California QSO Party
        10/09/20-10/11/20 100 Watts and a Wire Fall Out
        10/10/20-10/11/20 Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, South Dakota QSO Party
10/17/20 10am EmComm ECI Meeting @ YFD
10/17/20 Shelbyville Tailgate Hamfest
        10/17/20-10/18/20 New York QSO Party
        10/18/20-10/19/20 Illinois QSO Party
        10/24/20 Kentucky State Parks on the Air
10/26/20 6:30pm MAARC Meeting at Muncie American Legion

Call for items to be considered for the next meeting’s agenda
Meeting Closes


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